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মইজ্যারটেক, ...

অবস্থানঃ এই জায়গাটি কণফুলী থানার মইজ্যারটেক এর পশ্চিম পাশে আবাসিক এলাকা সংলগ্ন। > জায়গার পরিমানঃ ৫ কানি।> মুল্যঃ প্রতি গন্ডা ৪ লাখ টাকা।>

Land at Shik...

Description: Land at kolagaw, Shikalbaha,karnuphuly. (side of karnuphuly River)> Land Measurement: 50 kani > Price: 60 lac every kani>

Land at Dang...

Description: Land at Dangerchor, side of karnuphuly River.> Land Measurement: 30 kani> Price:  18 lac every Gonda> >

Arot at Firi...

Location : Firingabazer, Chittagong> Details: Food Arot (ফলের আরত )> Land Area: 5 Gonda> Price: 60 Lac BDT every Gonda(৬০ লাখ টাকা প্রতি গণ্ডা...

Land at Bowa...

Description: Land at Bowalkhali beside of karnuphuly River.> Land Measurement: 100 kani> Price: 40 lac every kani>

ইন্দ্রর পোল,...

অবস্থানঃ এই জায়গাটি পটিয়ার ইন্দ্রর পোলের পাশে অবস্থিত।> জায়গার পরিমানঃ ৭ কানি। > মুল্যঃ প্রতি গন্ডা ১ লাখ ৫০ হাজার টাকা।>

  • মইজ্যারটেক, ...

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  • Land at Shik...

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  • Land at Dang...

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  • Arot at Firi...

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  • Land at Bowa...

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  • ইন্দ্রর পোল,...

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Chittagong Real Estate Directory is the most comprehensive Online Directory of Real Estate companies and professionals in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Our real estate directory contains the listings of real estate companies, Builders & Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate Agents, and Property Consultants & Brokers with search facility for buying & selling of residential and commercial properties in Chittagong. You can search our real estate directory for online listings of real estate professionals in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We have categorized the database for order to make your navigation as simple and quick as possible. In short, 'Chittagong Real-Estate Directory' is your one stop resource for searching real estate companies and agents in your city. Companies that are listed in our real estate directory have high probability to generate more leads from our visitors. Builders & Developers in Chittagong can showcase their new and upcoming real estate projects to the visitors of our real estate directory in Chittagong so that they can plan their investments in your real estate projects.

Chittagong Real-Estate Directory is the first web portal of Chittagong, It is an initiative for a full circle e-commerce website. Whose primary goal is to promote the real-estate business in Chittagong.

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